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Former accomplished military professional with a can-do attitude and an inner drive to always accomplish the mission despite whatever obstacles may be standing in the way.  Started a small boutique digital marketing to be of service to the community by providing outstanding, innovative digital marketing services to local small businesses so that we can help them reach their desired levels of business success.

MuscleCorpsBizCo is a new company that offers internet-based marketing services. We strive to provide effective services along with appealing to all small and medium-sized businesses looking for a universal, cost-effective online marketing service. Our main objectives are to give small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to market their businesses, to allow them to promote awareness of their brands, generate leads, and sales. MuscleCorpsBizCo works with a network of digital marketing experts to provide solutions to businesses and has created a platform along with consultation where businesses can directly choose the services, based on their goals, and according to their budget. Learn More

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Why Digital Marketing?

Here Are A Few Reasons:
  • Your Competitors are Doing it!
  • Your Business is Falling Behind!
  • You Are Missing Out on Customers!
  • It will help your business accomplish quarterly goals.
  • Enhance your Brand Presence
  • Protect your Stellar Business Reputation
  • Be competitive in your market.
  • Maximize the use of Innovative Digital Marketing Methods

Offline Services


"Rank in The Search Engines"

Outrank your competition with effective SEO services. Make it easier for everyone to find you online and attract more customers.

Reputation Management

"Protect your Business Reputation"

Reputation management refers to the influencing and controlling of an individual’s or group’s reputation.Your online reputation is your most valuable asset.

Amazon Home Services

"Sell Professional Services to Amazon Customers"

Yes, it’s true, you can sell services on Amazon. In fact, Amazon is selling service in 1200+ business categories from top local Pros. Including Assemblers, House Cleaners, Handymen, Plumbers, Electricians, Land-scapers and many more.

Google LSAs

"Earn your Google Guarantee Badge"

With Local Services Ads, you have the ability to advertise your business on Google and receive leads directly from potential customers. Local Services Ads appear at the top of Google Search results when people search for the services such as a plumber in a given area.

Home Services Marketing

"Strategic Marketing for Home Service Local Businesses"

We provide lead generation and digital marketing to electricians, plumbers, roofers, landscapers, hvac, and other home service local businesses.

Site Speed

"Turn Your Website Into a Ferrari"

The #1 reason your website may not be performing is slow speed. Get your free site speed audit report.

Social Media Optimization

"An Essential Piece of your Business Marketing Strategy"

Find your audience on social media and engage with your customers online. Reach more potential clients with social media optimization.


"Get on the Map"

Google’s neighborhood map places you in the money. Google 3 Pack, like a 24/7 billboard on a busy street.

Chatbot Marketing

"Get your Automated Messaging Chatbot Today"

Increase sales using messenger marketing.If you would like to save time, generate more revenue, and guide customers automatically to better outcomes then consider messenger chatbots.

Video Marketing

"A Key Element in the Future of Online Marketing"

Studies have shown that consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service that has video representation.

Graphic Design

"Capture the Eyes of your Visitors"

Every business needs good graphic design to keep people engaged and look professional. Hire us or learn how to create your own designs.

Mobile Apps & Alexa Marketing

"Take your Business Presence to a New Level"

Is your business looking to dominate the market with a massive and unmatched online presence? Then your business needs Alexa marketing and a mobile app.


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